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  • Flora Autumn Garden
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    Guests of Hotel Flora have the opportunity to see a painting exhibition by Leon, a tribute to the art of Old Venetian Masters. Every Tuesday afternoon, in the salotti of the Hotel Flora, the guests can discuss with the artist technique and inspiration, light and color and take a closer look to his work. Questions are welcomed, or one can simply spend time together, while enjoying the afternoon tea after a day of wandering through Venetian calli and canali.


    In addition to the weekly appointment with the artist, the guests also have the occasion to produce their own work of art inspired by Venice,  discovering secrets of the Old Venetian Masters in the 2 or 4 sessions intensive workshops 'Inspirational Venice', accompanied by Leon.


    In the last couple of years, works by Radu Leon were exhibited in London, at the Mall Galleries in the Annual Exhibition Pastel Society UK , and at W. H. Patterson Gallery in the exhibition 'Venice in Peril'.  Radu Leon has a BFA and a MFA in film and visual arts from UNATC Bucharest and a diploma in television journalism from the BBC World Service. He paints since he was 4. He is a member of Imagoars.  In the '90s, he participated to the East-West Producers Seminars, organized with the support of The British Know-How Fund and The Soros Foundation for an Open Society. He collaborated with Saatchi & Saatchi, Ammirati Puris Lintas and TVR1. He lives and works in Venice, where he organizes creative workshops with Lucia Leon. Recent projects include : 'Venezianissimi', 'Blue (E) Fragile' and 'Portaleon', event that was included in The 12th European Day of Jewish Culture in Venice.  In October 2011, Radu Leon was invited to participate to the charity event 'Tsunami Appeal', organized in London by The Federation of British Artists and The Embassy of Japan in favour of the children and young adults from the areas affected by the tsunami. His works are part of public and private collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Australia and Israel.