Venice anything but ordinary

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    Born to value all of those people that, with their ideas and activities, make their city so special. The release dedicated to Venice, where Hotel Flora and Novecento have been signalized, couldn’t be missed in between the ItaliaStraordinaria guides. This guide, that was released this summer, tells us about the curiosity of the lagoon capital, where we can discover hidden corners and itineraries that are at times unknown and always extraordinary. However it is likely to be the same matrix that InsideVenice adores. Furthermore, they have collected stories and faces that give life to shops, galleries, restaurants and atelier, that have been found thanks to the accurate and detailed research conducted by a team of experts in this field. Getting involved into this original and innovative reality and maintaining the big traditions alive and vital, will make us feel extremely proud of ourselves. By taking part of this precious “carnet d’adresse” will make us understand that the values that permeate our activities each day have reached the outside too; that is why this is the right way to keep working on.


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